BJP may be a dangerous party if opposition thinks so: Rajinikanth

Chennai, Nov 12 Actor-turned-politician Rajinikanth on Monday said if the opposition parties feel BJP is dangerous, then it must be so.He told reporters that the demonetisation implementation was wrong.Answering a reporter's query whether the BJP is a dangerous party, Rajinikanth said if the opposition parties are thinking the BJP is a dangerous party, then it must be so.The actor is considered close to BJP and had earlier said his political philosophy will be spiritual politics.Two years after the demonetisation by the BJP government, Rajinikanth who had welcomed the move initially seems to have a different view.He said the implementation of demonetisation was wrong and that the issue should be deliberated in detail.Rajinikanth said strict laws should be enforced against those who induldge in sexual harassment of girls.

 (IANS)Image Credit-Google