BJP is confused who actually asked for a floor test in Madhya Pradesh, confident Kamal Nath ready for same

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, May 22: This may be a foot-in-mouth moment for Madhya Pradesh BJP unit as the central BJP leaders are now questioning who actually has asked for a floor test there. As the confusion escalates, Congress is amused. Leader Opposition Gopal Bhargava is being questioned by the central leadership, according to media reports, as to on whose instructions the Congress is being asked to prove a majority?

Congress senior leader and seasoned politician Kamal Nath, who is now the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh was calm and at ease when Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Madhya Pradesh asked the Congress government to prove its majority and wrote to state governor Anandiben Patel for convening a special session of the state Assembly. Kamal Nath on May 20 said he was all prepared to go for a floor test. Kamal Nath alleges that money is being offered to his MLAS, but then he also hastens to add that he trusts his MLAs fully and is confident about them. Talking to media Kamalnath said, “At least 10 Congress MLAs told me that they were offered money and posts by the BJP to defect. They have received phone calls where they were offered bribes to desert the Congress.”He further added, “All Congress MLAs are in touch with each other. Not a single Congress MLA is going to desert the party.”With a smiling face Kamal Nath said, "We have won floor tests in the House four times in the last four months. We are ready to face a floor test at any time.”Dismissing all tall claims made by Exit Polls the seasoned politician said, “Hollowness of exit polls will be exposed on May 23 when the results of the Lok Sabha polls will be declared”, adding, “UPA is returning to power at the Centre and the Congress will put up a good show in Madhya Pradesh”.Earlier in the day, the BJP wrote to Governor Patel, asking her to convene a special session of the House."I have already told them...the BJP is trying it for long. I have proved majority in the House four times in the last five months and I am ready for floor test again," Nath told PTI late evening.On earlier occasions, the Congres had managed to elect Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the party even after the BJP demanded a division of votes. The Congress had also passed the supplementary Budget and regular Budget in the House.In the Assembly polls last year, the Congress won 114 of the state's 230 seats, two short of the majority mark of 116. The Bahujan Samaj Party, having two MLAs, and Samajwadi Party, which has one, are supporting the Congress. There are four Independents. The BJP won 109 seats.In his letter to the governor, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly, Gopal Bhargava stated that the party wanted a discussion on important issues like the farm loan waiver and (to) test the government's strength.The development came a day after the majority of exit polls predicted the return of the BJP-led NDA to power for the second term.

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