Birthday special: SRK-Gauri's love story

New Delhi, Nov 2: Bollywood witnessed many marriage breaking and it is very difficult to witness a marriage surving successfully. In such a scenario the love story and marriage of Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan is worth telling. They have set a big example for couples how to keep the love intact in a marriage. The married life of SRK and Gauri has survived many tests thus making them one of the most inspiring, stable and adorable couple of Bollywood. 

The couple has already completed 26 years of a great married life on October 25. SRK married Gauri Chibber in 1991 after a six-year long courtship and they have been living happily ever after. 

How the love began

Shah Rukh saw Gauri Chibber for the first time at a common friend’s party in 1984, when he was barely 18 years old. SRK saw Gauri dancing with another boy, and due to his shy temperament, he could not ask her for a dance. When he finally gathered the courage to ask her for a dance, Gauri who herself was not interested, turned him down by saying that she was waiting for her boyfriend. Shah Rukh’s dreams of love shattered at that very moment. But in reality, there was no ‘boyfriend’; it was her brother she was there with. Shah Rukh told in an interview, that later when he came to know about this, he called her and said, “mujhe bhi apna bhai samjho.” (Consider me your brother too!). And, this was how their beautiful relationship began.

Gauri began liking SRK

Gauri soon began liking Shah Rukh's confidence, wit and unique style, and the two began going out. But, things were not as hunky-dory for these two young lovebirds. Shah Rukh, by nature, was very possessive about Gauri. He did not like her to keep her hair open, let alone talking to other boys. It was then that Gauri realised that she needed a break from this relationship. A day after she celebrated her birthday at Shah Rukh’s place (complete with flowers, gifts and cake), she left for Mumbai with her friends without telling him.

Love finally happened

It was at this moment SRK realised his love for Gauri. Shah Rukh told her mother what had happened. She not only told him to go after his love, but also gave him ten thousand rupees to help him out. Shah Rukh remembers that he and his friends searched the entire city, but had no luck in finding Gauri. It was only after a very rigourous search that SRK found Gauri at a beach. They both saw each other and broke down crying while in each other’s arms. That moment they realised that both of them could not live without each other and decided to get married. This is when the family drama started too. 

Family drama for marriage approval

Gauri hailed from a family of Hindu Brahmins. Her father was a complete vegetarian, and had a temple within the house. And, Shah Rukh was a Muslim. And, for obvious reasons, her parents did not approve of their relationship. Gauri's family also thought Shah Rukh unsettled and their own daughter, young and immature to take such a big decision. Gaur said in an interview, "Yes, my parents were obviously not for it because we were so young and then, to take a decision to get married to a person who was going to join films and also from a different religion.”

Marriage happened

They kept their relationship a big secret for nearly five years and SRK even changed his name to pose as a Hindu boy to impress Gauri’s parents. They did all they could to convince her parents about their love. Shah Rukh was finally able to get Gauri's hand and her parent's blessings. And, the couple finally got married on October 25, 1991. It was a Hindu marriage ceremony.