Biggest msytery will be solved ..they are hunting for king's chamber

New Delhi: A team of Italian researchers hopes to unravel the long awaited mystery of the tomb of King Tutankhanum by using advanced ground penetrating radar to uncover potential new treasures.

The search for a secret chamber in the tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings will start by the end this month when a team from the Polytechnic University of Turin will scan the tomb and its surroundings with advanced radar technology.

Three radar systems with frequencies from 200Mhz to 2GHz will be used to scan depths of up to 32 feet (10 meters) in the hope of unearthing the hidden tomb and any potential treasures inside.

“Who knows what we might find as we scan the ground,” Franco Porcelli, the project’s director quoted in a report, adding “it will be a rigorous scientific work and will last several days, if not weeks.”

The expedition is part of a wider study which hopes to completely map the ancient resting place of the Egyptian Pharaohs and is the third time researchers have probed the 3,300 year old tomb in the past 2 years, searching for the elusive resting place of the fabled boy king’s mother.

In 2015, British Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves claimed the hidden chamber contains the remains of Queen Nefertiti who, along with her husband and father of Tutankhamun, pharaoh Akhenaten, led a religious revolution in the ancient kingdom.

Later in 2015, Japanese radar specialist, Hirokatsu Watanabu, further conducted the scans of the area echoing the findings of Reeves. This led Mamdouh Eldamaty, Egypt's former antiquities minister, to say that there was a "90 percent chance" that King Tut's tomb concealed two chambers. Then, in 2016, Eldamaty went on to say that “it could be the discovery of the century.”

A number of experts have argued against the theory that the chambers house Nefertiti, Porcelli and his team have said this will be “the final investigation” and that they will “provide an answer which is 99 percent definitive."