Rohit Sharma had affair with this Bigg Boss actress? Sofia leaks details

New Delhi, Jan 24, News24 Bureau: These days, controversial TV star and model Sofia Hayat is once again in the discussion. Recently in an interview, Sofia revealed that she is writing a book on her life. In which the secret things related to her relationship with Indian cricketer Rohit Sharma will be also revealed. The story of Sofia dating Rohit Sharma has created a sensation in the Bollywood and sports world. There is no statement from Rohit Sharma in this case yet.

According to Sofia, in 2012 she was in a relationship with Rohit Sharma. That time Rohit was not married. Sofia revealed that both dated each other for 1 year. Speaking on her relation, Sofia said, "I met him in a club in London. My friend told me that he is Rohit Sharma.

 I did not know him because I did not see cricket matches. Then our conversation grew. Soon we started meeting each other. Rohit Sharma kissed me and it was good. We also danced with each other. After 4 days, Rohit came to my house to live with me."

Talking about the breakup, Sofia said: "Things started getting bad when Rohit suddenly called me his fan while talking to the media. I was very sad to hear these statements. After this, I decided to break up with Rohit Sharma." The news of the relationship between Sofia and Virat Kohli also came in the past. But Sofia called it a rumour by sharing a video on social media.

(Image source- Social media)