BIG News: Salman Khan is getting married on 8th December

New Delhi, Nov 24: Salman Khan's marriage is one topic which has become a national obsession. If there is something related to the superstar Salman Khan then one question pops up naturally "When will Bhaijaan get married'? This is the favourite question of media and also on the social networking site.

Seeing the importance of this question the filmmakers have also seen a big business opportunity in the topic. So now a film on this topic with the title Sallu ki Shaadi. The film is all set to release on 8th December, 2017.

The ‘Entertainer by Mohammad Israr Ansari’ also throws in some visuals of Dubai and someone mimicking Salman’s voice to announce “8 ko shaadi hai aur main aa raha hoon.” 

Certainly Salman Khan is not a part of the cast, but there are ample references to Bhai, with many dialogues from his films. Seeing the big fan following that Salman has, it seems certain that the film won't be a disaster. Don't expect any finesse as is clear from the tacky visuals and dialogues. But then Salman sells!