Big news: Prices of petrol and diesel witness a FALL

New Delhi, Feb 17: The continuous surge int the prices of petrol and diesel have increased the woes of common men. However, the decline in the prices of crude oil have led to the fall in the prices of petrol and diesel at least for the last ten days. Last month, crude oil price reached to at the level of Rs $71/barrel. Since Feb 7 till date the prices of diesel have fallen by Rs 1.2/litre and the prices of petrol have fallen by 89 paise/litre. 

On Feb 16, diesel was priced at Rs 63.02.litre, in Kolkata Rs 65.68/litre in Mumbai Rs 67.11/litre and in Chennai the price is Rs 66.45/litre. Meanwhile, the prices of petrol in Delhi is Rs  72.52/ litre, in Kolkata Rs 75.22/litre, in Mumbai Rs 80.39/ litre, and in Chennai Rs 75.21/litre. 

However, despite the fall in the prices of petrol, the price is still hovering above Rs 80/litre.  

The government at the centre has said that when the crude oil will be priced at $75/barrel only then it will bring down the excise duty.