BIG GIFT: Now you can FLY in JUST Re 1

New Delhi, Dec 13: The airline company Air Deccan is giving you a very big opportunity to travel in the month of December in just Re 1.

Air Deccan was founded in the year 2003 by G. R. Gopinath, a retired Indian Army captain who had gained experience in the aviation industry through his Deccan Aviation venture. Air Deccan became a wholly owned subsidiary of Deccan Aviationin 2003. After that, in 2008 it was merged with Vijay Mallya's Kingfisher Airlines. Due to lack of money, its operations were stopped in 2012, but once again under the scheme of the Regional Contact Scheme (RCS), its operations has started. 

The flight is going to be started for Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Shillong which will connect the cities around them. According to the government's scheme, the flight fare will be Rs 2,500 for an hour's journey. At the same time, Gopinath says that some Lucky Passengers will get a flight ticket in just Re 1. However, the fares for Nasik-Mumbai flight will start from Rs 1,400.

Meanwhile, new flights will start by January, which will connect Agra, Shimla, Ludhiana, Pantnagar, Dehradun and Kullu from Delhi.

News24 Bureau