Big B's unbeatable spirit, shoots with a fractured rib!

New Delhi: A legendary actor, who has made his mark in the world of cinema with sheer dedication and passion towards his work, is said to be camping in Kolkata for nearly a month, shooting for his upcoming film TE3N.

Amitabh Bachchan, who was hurt on Wednesday during the shoot, updates his fans by writing on the blog which said  “No nothing to worry… I have injured my rib cage, it pains and so when I breathe it hurts. Am doing ice-pack and pain-killers, spoken to my doctor… should take 48 hours to heal, he says. Else we do X-Ray or MRI or whatever he decides.”

Earlier, where, the 73 years old actor got sick in 2014 while shooting for Shoojit Sircar's, Piku, barely took a proper rest and continued shooting for the movie.

Despite a severe injury, Big B shares about his upcoming movie 'Wazir', releasing on Friday with his fans and friends. He tweeted “Hurt rib from shoot .. but ok .. taking friends Ef to WAZIR at South City Mall, Kolkata this evening !! YEA,”