For Big B, Aishwarya is better than Abhishek

New Delhi, Oct 19: There is no doubt about it that Aishwary is more popular than Abhishek Bachchan. And, the credit goes to her amazing performance in several films over the year, her achievement as miss India, her regular appearance at Cannes etc. 

In an old interview, Abhishek once revealed how his father Amitabh Bachchan finds Aishwarya's performance better than him in one of the films. 

Soon after the release of Raavan trailer, when Abhishek was asked about best compliment that he has received for the same, he had told Rediff, "My father turned to me and patted me on the back, and said, "Well done." And then he said Aishwarya was better than I was."

Abhishek On Competing With Wife Aishwarya Rai "No. I don't compete with my wife. I think she is one of the best actors we have in the film industry. Her work speaks for itself. I don't need to compete with anybody; the only person with whom I have to compete is me."

"For me, it is important to improve upon every performance. If you haven't managed to improve upon your last performance, then you don't deserve to be an actor. First do that, and then think of competing with other people."

While speaking about the same, Abhishek had said, "I have never been an actor who thinks, "Is this going to be good for my me and my career or not?" I feel sorry for any actor who thinks that way. First and foremost, let me tell you that if Mani Ratnam asks you for a film, you don't say no. Mani is the best director we have and is respected by all his colleagues. So you would be a fool to say no.

"Secondly, even if he asked me to be a tree in the background, I would do it, because he means so much to me as a friend. I have approached my career on a very emotional level, and have never been very good at strategising. I do what my heart tells me to do. If my heart is not into my job, I will not be able to be completely honest."

"Lastly, when you see the film you will understand that such a thought would never appear in my mind. You play a character. You don't necessarily think, "I am opposite my wife!" If you see Sarkar Raj, it was the film we did after marriage. And it did not have a romantic angle."