Bhagnanis' Puja Entertainment to distribute 'Star Trek Beyond'

Mumbai: Puja Entertainment has introduced a new distribution wing and after "The Legend of Tarzan", the wing will also distribute "Star Trek Beyond", says producer Vashu Bhagnani's daughter Deepshikha Deshmukh. "We have started another wing of distribution. Last week we released 'Tarzan' and the coming week we are releasing 'Star Trek', they're some very big Hollywood franchises. There is a certain niche of audience which wants that." "Our whole goal is to provide that superior experience which the audience wants, whether it's through Hindi, English films, or it could be Korean or Chinese films. I just want to bring global entertainment to the audience," Deepshikha said in an interview. About the reasons for choosing the film, she says, "The first two 'Star Treks' were not that great and the third franchise is made by Justin Lin, who had made 'Fast and Furious', that is the reason we picked that." "The Legend of Tarzan" didn't do well, but Deepshikha said that they picked the film because of director David Yates, who had made films in the "Harry Potter" franchise. She added, "As of now we are doing only theatrical distribution. Also, the kind of English films that we are bringing in, we want to make sure that they are also content-based. We didn't want to bring it just for the sake of being a Hollywood film." "It's a relationship that we want to build with Hollywood because eventually it's all going to get global. Our films will also go there, even our films are doing so well overseas. Our audience is ready to see the Hollywood films of large scale." Deepshikha, along with her brother, actor Jackky Bhagnani, had for the first time, got into production with the recent release "Sarbjit". Deepshikha has been credited as one of the co-producers of "Madaari", which also releases on 22 July. About the clash, she says, "There is space for a lot of cinema. We've got some great response for 'Madaari' and for 'Star Trek'. We are really confident about 'Madaari'. I think people will really take on to it." "Madaari" stars Irrfan Khan in the lead.