Beware, you may not get your medicines in coming days!

New Delhi: A news is gaining momentum on social media that there may be a shortage of medicines because stockists are maintaining a minimum inventory and are also turning the stocks back to the manufacturers. The reason is that there are lurking uncertainties over modalities of implementations of GST (Goods and Services Tax).

This is leaving patients worried as there may be a shortage of medicines as manufacturers are reducing stocks in trade. What is giving the stockists sleepless nights is the fact that they may suffer losses because of a possible mismatch between tax payouts and tax refunds when the GST kickstarts. And this may lead to a temporary shortage though not a major one. Though the experts add that there is no need to panic as the shortage will be a short-lived one. Dealers and stockists are in a wait-and-watch mode as rates under GST are yet t be finalised.