Beware! Indian teenagers are being smuggled into France

New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, it has been learnt that at least 100 teenagers, all from Punjab, have been smuggled in France. They were kept there in isolation and once they turned 18, they applied for citizenhip. 

The teens were mostly collected from Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala. Two agents, Sunil Nandwani (53) of Kalyan and Narsaiyya Munjali (45) of Nalasopara were involved in the murky affair and have been arrested by the police. They worked with the help of a local agent in Punjab who identified the kids.

As reported, the agents lured the parents, all middle class, that they would help their kids get good education and jobs. The vulnerable parents arranged for their ticket and the agents sent them off t the foreign shores, never to return again. The senior inspector Ashok Khot, officers Nagesh Puranik, Vijay Dhamal and Amit Pawar, and being supervised by crime branch chief Sanjay Saxena. The officers now want to nab the man or group to whom these kids were being handed over. The police wants to identify the agent who works in close co-ordination with these men in Inia. All these kids were taken abroad on fictitious identities.