Beware.. Facebook girls may loot your money

New Delhi, Feb 11: Beware if you are an avid Facebook user as there is gang of girls operating there and looting innocent people.  

Recently, Dinesh Sharma, 41-year-old senior manager, working in a telecom company came across a girl on Facebook and gradually friendship developed between them. 

He did not realise that he fell in a honeytrap and lost nearly Rs 1.10 lakh. Despite registering a complaint with the police, he knows that the money is not going to be returned now. 

The accused girl, Neha Bajaj claimed to be based in London.  

"We began talking as friends and very soon, we exchanged text messages. She told me that as her father is an Indian, she wanted to come to India on a long break. I decided to help her when she told me she knows nobody in India and would need help with booking hotels," said Dinesh Sharma. 

"While discussing her vacation plans, she said she would send gifts for me as I have been kind to her," added Dinesh. 

The accused gave Sharma details of the courier such as receipts and reference number on the 6 th of November. 

The gifts included stuff such as laptop, teddy bear, money in pounds and watch. She told me she had sent them through a diplomatic courier service and I am required to shell out some money for the clearance in Indian currency," said Dinesh. 

Dinesh said since the beginning of the conversation, he was asked about his salary details and other financial information. The day the status of the parcel mentioned 'arrived in India', I received a call from the company asking me to pay Rs 23,600 for custom clearance. I was told the parcel is in Mumbai. I paid the amount in the given bank account. The very same day, demonetisation was announced and I was told they are not able to withdraw cash from the account due to the same and the amount has to be paid in cash and will take some time for clearance," stated the FIR.

Sharma said, "After a while, I was asked to Rs 85,000 for some registration without which the package would not be delivered. Meanwhile, Neha kept calling me and emotionally blackmailed asking me to speed up the procedure."

Finally, she started putting pressure on me to make the payments as soon as possile. And, I got into the trap and paid the amount. They later said that since they did not get the amount and norms have also become strict, they would send the package to the Royal Bank of Scotland which would convert the pounds in rupees," he said. It was then that Sharma became suspicious.

My suspicion got stronger when they asked for Rs 2 lakh to convert the currency. I decided to get in touch with bank officials who explained it's a fraud," he said.

The investigating officer said, every day, Delhi witnesses a number of such cases. The Investigation is on, but we don't have any lead so far.