Best Skincare products for your baby

As a new parent, it is second-nature for you to want the best for your little one. You tend to be more conscious about the products you purchase, and are bombarded with a plethora of baby care products.  

Most important is a baby’s skin, which is more delicate and sensitive than our skin, so be sure to use safe products on your baby. Whether it is oils and creams or shampoos and soaps, they should be gentle and safe on the skin, as chemicals like phthalates and mineral oils in baby care products can be harsh and affect baby’s soft skin.

Here are there ingredients which are gentle and help preserve the softness of baby's skin: 

* Lavender: Lavender helps fight bacteria and also has a pleasant aroma that relaxes baby. It also promotes peaceful sleep.

* Calamine: Summer is here, and along with it, prickly heat and heat rashes. Calamine infused lotions work as a healing solution to treat heat rashes and itching due to dry skin.

* Indian Lotus: This natural ingredient contains skin-conditioning agents, which keep baby’s skin soft and supple.