Benicio del Toro in talks to star in 'Predator' reboot

Los Angeles:  Actor Benicio del Toro is in talks to star in the reboot of 1987's film "The Predator", an alien action franchise which was helmed by John McTiernan. This time Shane Black is directing from a script by Fred Dekker. John Davis, Joel Silver, and Lawrence Gordon, who produced the original, hope to begin shooting next year, reports The film is slotted for a February 9, 2018, release. The original was directed by John McTiernan and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, and Jesse Ventura as commandos attempting to rescue hostages while being stalked in a jungle in Central America by a fearsome extra-terrestrial, played by Kevin Peter Hall. Black appeared in "Predator" in a supporting role as Rick Hawkins shortly after "Lethal Weapon," which he had written, became a massive hit on silver screen.  His directing credits include "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", "Iron Man 3" and "The Nice Guys", starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, from his own scripts.