Bengaluru girl identifies molesters..see in pics

Bengaluru: The much sensationalised molestation of a woman in Bengaluru, which grabbed the attention of the entire nation on Wednesday, has found a major breakthrough with the Bengaluru city police arresting the four accused molesters while two are still at large.

Police collected CCTV footage from four or five other spots near the scene of crime. One of the videos clearly showed the gang sitting by Rajkumar Park, near Kullappa Circle, in the area. The footage made one thing clear to the police: the culprits were locals. With the help of these photographs, the cops got sketches of the accused, and hit the streets.

The first success came on Wednesday morning when a college girl identified one sketch as that of Somashekar alias Chinni; she remembered Chinni because he passed lewd comments whenever girls walked past him. With one suspect identified, police began searching for his number and learnt that he was a delivery boy for various online portals. According to police officers, on the pretext of seeking details of a parcel, police managed to get his mobile number and the mobile number tower location proved that Chinni was present at the spot when the molestation took place. It didn't take long for police to detain Chinni and question him.

"Like all accused, Chinni pleaded innocence in the beginning. When we told him that we had enough evidence to prove his involvement, he broke down. Soon, he uttered everythinng," a police source said. Chinni and his accomplices were all picked up from in and around Kammanahalli. Police said they did make an attempt to hide but didn't leave the neighborhood. DCPs PS Harsha and Ajay Hilori led the probe.

The four molesters are identified as-

Aiyappa alias Nitish Kumar, 19

Leno alias Lenin Patrick, 20

Sudhesh alias Sudi, 20

Somashekar alias Chinni, 24