Ben McKenzie promises cool villains in 'Gotham'

Los Angeles: Actor Ben McKenzie has asked fans of "Gotham" to brace themselves for a "whole new crop of villains including Mad Hatter" in the forthcoming season three of the American TV show. "We're bringing in a whole new crop of villains, including Mad Hatter, who is a personal favourite of mine from the comics. I'm fascinated to see what the actor we have hired - Benedict Samuel - does with that," McKenzie said in a statement. "Gotham" Season 3 will air in India via Zee Café within 12 hours of the US premiere from September 27.  McKenzie plays role of James Gordon in the series, which narrates tale centering on DC Comics fixture Commissioner James Gordon and the villains that have made Gotham famous.  His character in the series is finally getting his own apartment, and McKenzie says he is glad that audience is noticing such tiny details.  "I'm so glad that audiences care about things like this because I feel like I'm the only one sometimes. I tell the producers, 'What does it take for the lead actor to get his own set?' Breaking news; big news: Jim has his own apartment in Season Three," he said.  IANS