Belted Sarees: Bollywood's Ladies give the garb a much needed lift!


Yay for Fusion and double yay for the evolution and progression of the garb that has given a woman of each body-type a figure! 


Whether you are full-figured or the toned-type: you know you feel nothing less than a celebrity in a Saree. Since the garb has given us so much, why don't we glam it up a bit? 


Here are the different types of belts you can wear with your sarees and accentuate your figure a bit more: 


* Kamardhani: match your jewellery with it to complete the traditional look! 



* Linen Belts: To give a flow and continuation to your outfit.



* Metal Belts: To give focus to your shapely waist.


* Jewel-Encrusted Belts: To up the glam quotient to a monotone saree




* Leather Belts: To give your saree an edgy vibe