Being Human! Khan with a big heart will go and meet her

Mumbai: Being Human is just not just a slogan for Salman Khan. He actually believes in it. He has proved it time and again, and he has done it yet again.Bhaijaan of Bollywood has fans all over the world, but rarely fans get to meet him. But, this Egyptian fan is special. Eman Ahmed Abdulati is said to be world’s heaviest woman at 500 kg. She is in India for a weight-loss surgery. And while munching, she used to watch Salman movies, and now is a huge fan of Dabangg Khan.

At Mumbai's Saifee Hospital, she expressed desire to meet Salman. News reached Salman, and he agreed. Salman Khan's brother Arbaaz Khan confirmed that Salman will soon visit her.   Problem is that Emam doesn't understand the languages that Salman speaks, but she understands the beats on which she has seen Salman dancing. That, we guess, is enough to make her happy when Bhaijaan comes to meet her. Who knows, Salman may shake his leg to make her feel better!

Salman Khan is not new to visiting fans on special requests. Salman had earlier met a Pakistani fan in 2015. Abdul Basit had come here for a liver transplant operation. When Salman got to know that Abdul wanted to meet him, he went and fulfilled the Pakistani fan's wish.