Because of one actress Salman Khan does not kiss his heroines on-screen

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, March 13: All Salman Khan fans are curious to know the reason as to why Salman Khan does not kiss a heroine in movies. The other Khan has broken this vow. Shah Rukh also did not kiss his heroines on-screen but broke the vow by giving an intimate kissing scene in Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Aamir Khan, of course, has been giving many kissing scenes. 

We tell you the real reason why Salman Khan does not kiss a heroine on-screen, the truth will shock you.
Salman Khan is called a hit-machine and has been giving one hit after the other. there was a time when his films were not doing well and he was often requested by the producers to give a kiss scene, but Salman never bowed to the pressure. Actually, when he was acting in Maine Pyar Kiya with Bhagyashree there was a scene where he was supposed to kiss the heroine. the shot was ready and as soon as Salman Khan went near Bhagyashree's face and bent down to kiss her, she started crying. Actually, she was very scared and this vulnerability of Bhagyashree made Salman Khan full of guilt. He drew a conclusion that no girl finds kissing comfortable unless she is in love. And therefore no kisses for Salman Khan in any film.

And the superstar is sticking to this even today. He still does not kiss his heroine in his films, come what may.

And he has been keeping his promise of not kissing his heroines on-screen. And on several occasions, Salman's heroines have expressed regard for Khan for this reason. Salman has been known to be very caring for his heroines on sets as well. And this s the reason that most of his heroines visit his family frequently.