Bear found critically injured after poachers use explosives to hunt

Bengaluru: In a shocking case, Karnataka wildlife officials found poachers used "explosive device" to hunt after finding a critically injured sloth bear from outskirts of the state capital on Thursday, officials said. The home-made explosive device was placed inside the food bait and exploded inside the animal's mouth causing severe internal fracture in its jaws going into the skull.  The bear, an about seven-year-old male, was rescued by Karnataka Forest Department and animal welfare organisation Wildlife SOS and is currently undergoing medical treatment at the Bear Rescue Centre. The Divisional Forest Officer, Ramanagara, discovering the injured animal, called up the Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Centre run by Wildlife SOS in Bengaluru.  "The animal was spotted in Kabbal village and had reportedly taken up shelter in the outskirts of the village and was unable to move," a rescuer said.  Officials added that they had to tranquilise the animal as it appeared to be under acute and excruciating pain. "Based on an X-ray, I can see multiple fractures in both lower and upper jaws, travelling all the way into the skull. The animal's condition is grave and we are keeping it under close observation," said Arun. A. Sha, Director, Wildlife Veterinary Operations.