Be careful...These daily use painkillers may take your life

New Delhi: So next time you have a pain or a simple fever don't just pop in a pill as it may further aggravate your condition. The The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) which is responsible for the sales and distribution of drugs in India has studied and discovered that these painkillers and medicines to treat common cold do not meet the subscribed standards.

Besides these Cipla's Oflox-100 DT tablets and Theo Asthalin tablets, and Cadila's Cadilose solution to be substandard. Oflox-100 DT is an anti-biotic while Theo Asthalin is used for respiratory problems. Cadilose is usually prescribed for constipation.

The Indian Express reported that certain batches of Combiflam manufactured in 2015 were deemed substandard because the tablets showed a delay in the disintegration time. Essentially, there are several pharmaceutical parameters that are routinely assessed, one of which is to check the breakdown of a tablet in the human body. The batch identified by the CDSCO in March 2017 was also manufactured in 2015.

The Express pointed out that Sanofi had previously recalled three batches of Combiflam last year after they were found to be substandard.

Based on a report in The Indian Express