B’day special: 5 reasons why Wikipedia is our best friend

New Delhi: World’s biggest multi-lingual, free-access, free-content encyclopedia, Wikipedia, turned 15 today!

Wikipedia was founded as an offshoot of Nupedia in 2000. The website was later modified and launched in a wiki format by Jimmy Whales and Larry Sanger, whom Whales had employed to work on the encyclopedia project in 2001.

Today, English Wikipedia has over 5,055,924 content articles and 38,243,067 pages, which are available in over 250 languages. It also has 870,963 files, which have been uploaded by 27,238,410 registered users including 1,326 administrators.

Here are five reasons why Wikipedia is our best friend:

1. It’s omniscient

It knows everything, from history to arts and from engineering to human physiology. Even God will be impressed by its knowledge!


2. It’s our study buddy during those tough times

When going gets tough and the completion of syllabus seems a distant dream, Wikipedia comes to our rescue.


3. It’s our travel guide

Planning to take a sweet-escape to far-away destination? Wikipedia is your sole guide. History, climate, places of interest, transport facilities? You got it!


4. It’s our exam cheat sheet

It holds the key to all knowledge and answers to all questions. Exams just don’t scare us anymore (as long as we have Wikipedia on our side).


5. It’s far capable than you think

If you think that Wikipedia is just a storehouse of information, then you’re probably wrong, as it can also help you plan an event, track invoices, log client work and even set your personal goals.

Happy Birthday Wikipedia!


News24 Bureau