Battered and broken Ashok reaches home to welcoming arms

New Delhi, Nov 23: At last the ordeal of the underdog is over, at last he is back in th loving arms of his parents and his wife, at last he can sleep snugly in his bed. Yes, Ashok Kumar is back in his away; but with many painful tales of the atrocities of the Haryana police.

Bus conductor Ashok thanked the media for his return to his family. A battered and broken looking Ashok says he is in a lot of pain. His wife says, 'Police beat him up, hung him upside down, tortured him and even sedated him to make him confess'. Not just that, she says that he was given electric shock multiple times.

Bus conductor Ashok reached home last night after being released from Gurugram's Bhondsi Jail. He was arrested by the Haryana police for allegedly killing 8-year-old Ryan International student Pradyuman in the school premises. Only when the case was handed over to the CBI, the real picture emerged and a class 11 student is the prime suspect now.