Bareilly Ki Barfee: Movie Review

Bareilly Ki Barfee is a jovial patch in the blanket of Hindi cinema today. It does have the usual rom-com backdrop, however, provides a very refreshing twist on the boisterous aspect of falling in love. By boisterous I mean the movie doesn’t portray the curbed and socially-perfect characters and their “proper” ways of expressing love that a Karan Johar movie depicts. It has real emotions, it depicts the real charms a man exuberates to woo a girl.


The story is set in the North Indian town of Bareilly, revolving around the core family of three – father, mother and daughter. The daughter is named Bitti Sharma (played by Kriti Sanon). It’s a typical middle-class family, the father being a sweet-shop owner and the mother being a teacher. Their worries are absolutely normal – managing customers at the store, gastric abnormalities, getting their daughter married. Cheese off by her mother worrying about her getting married, Bitti decides to run away on the midnight train. On the train, she is blown away by this novel  titled “Bareilly Ki Barfee”. She sets off on the search for the author – the story moves along the lines of two guys trying to woo her – played by Rajkumar and Ayushmann Khurana.  

It’s a sure crowd pleaser, with humor etched in the streams of where the Hero is lauded - with its scenes where Ayushman replaces his exe’s picture with  Kriti’s picture in his wallet garners much roars in the theatre, and when Raajkumar recites, “ Agar Shakal Dekh Ke Ladkiyan Shaadi Karti Na….To Hindustan Mein Aadhe Ladke Kunware Hote”.  It’s the line of the century!  Also another scene where Kriti asks Raajkumar if he cares if shes a virgin? He replies by saying, “Jis word ka matlab pata nahi, uska meaning jaan ke kya hoga?” exudes thunderous laughter!

Writers Nitesh Tiwari (director and writer of the much-acclaimed blockbuster Dangal )and Shreyas Jain have put together a relatable, sweet and subtle story that excels in writing, direction, acting and music. Ayushmann, Rajkumar and Kriti are absoulely comfortable in the skins of the characters, dialects and nuances. Rajkumar steals the movie with his superb one-liners. – turns out to be the actual hero in the climaxe. The climaxe of the movie, just like climaxe of “the act”, has you breathing heavy with feelings of thrill and wonderment!

The movie is spot-on in terms of flow, it isn’t like when Rajkumar is pursuing Kriti, we lose interest, it’s because it’s refreshingly normal. It makes us realize that simple life has its own thrills and chills. You don’t have to travel around the world to laugh every-day.  All in all, it’s four-stars from me. Worth a watch.