Baramulla: 3rd major terror attack on Indian armed forces in 2016

New Delhi: The Baramulla suicide terror attack on 46RR Army Camp is the third major terror attack on armed forces in 2016 .The other two being at Uri and Pathankot. Uri attack *Sept 18, around 5:30 am 4 militants lobbed 17 grenades in 3 minutes at Indian Army brigade headquarter in Uri.   * 19 soldiers martyred * 4 militants killed *  Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed was responsible Pathankot attack *January 2, heavily armed terrorist entered the Pathaknot airbase, part of the Western Command of the Indian Air Force * Terrorists used grenades and AK-47s * 6 terrorists killed * 6 soldiers martyred * Anti-terror operation started on January 2 was declared over on January 5. * Jaish-e- Mohammed again was involved  


News24 Bureau