Bapu Hanikarak hai!..PICs of bald Haryana women wrestlers go viral..Know what happened

New Delhi, Oct 17: The moment one sees women wrestlers, Bollywood flick 'Dangal' comes to mind. If you see pictures of bald Haryana women wrestlers, one assumes that they may have been forced to do so in male dominated Haryana. With pictures of bald women wrestlers going viral, people are raising questions.But you need not worry. 'Bapu is not hanikarak' in this case. In the film, Mahabir Phogat gets hair of Babita and Gita shaved off so that do not waste time in getting their hair done. But in Hansi village of Haryana, the story is different. There was no pressure on the girls to get their hair shaved. They did it on their own.  The reason these wrestlers got rid of their hair is simple. In between rounds they get 30 seconds break, if they have long hair they focus on getting their hair done rather than focussing on the tricks that their coach is teaching. Thus it helps remain focused on the bout rather than hair.   Around 30 women wrestlers got their hair shaved. The results are showing, and their permanence improved after they went bald.Four women wrestlers from this village have won laurels for the country, while more than 100 kids from here have won medals at the national level. Coach sanjay feels with girls sacrificing hair for performance, more women wrestlers will find themselves among medal winners.News24 Bureau