Banks ki Dadagiri! Know how much you pay for cash deposits/withdrawals

New Delhi: Banks have started charging you for financial transactions in a bid to discourage cash transactions. From March 1, you are required to pay a fee if the number of transactions exceed the limit fixed by the bank.

Here are the charges that different banks are charging.


1. You will be charged Rs 150 per transaction, after you exceed the free limit of four per month.

2. New charges apply to savings and salary accounts also.

3. For transactions at your branch, bank allows deposits or withdrawals of up to Rs 2 lakh free of cost at one go per day. After this, youy will be charged Rs 5 per Rs 1,000, or Rs 150.

4. At non-home branches, you will be charged Rs 5 per Rs 1,000, or Rs 150 for

transactions beyond Rs 25,000 a day.


1. No charges for first four transactions per month at branches in home city. However,  Rs 5 per Rs 1000 would be charged after that, subject to a minimum of Rs 150 in the same month.

2. Third party limit is Rs 50,000 per day.

3. For non-home branches, no charge for first cash withdrawal of a month, then Rs 5 per Rs 1000 will be charged subject to a minimum of Rs 150.

4. For anywhere cash deposit, you will be charged Rs 5 per Rs 1000 (subject to a minimum of 150) at branches. First deposit of a month is free at Cash Acceptance Machine free, then Rs 5 per Rs 1000 after that

Axis Bank

1. Five free transactions per month, including deposits and withdrawals. From sixth transactions, you will be charged a minimum fee of Rs 95 per transaction.

2. No charges for up to five non-home branch transactions, subject to a maximum per-day deposit of Rs 50,000. For larger deposits or the sixth transaction, you will be charged Rs 2.50 per Rs 1,000, or Rs 95 per transaction, whichever is higher.

Other banks

Other Banks

1. SBI is not charging you for cash-handling

2. Canara Bank it not charging you for cash withdrawals