Bahubali's Shivagami and Kattappa are having a hot romantic's the proof

New Delhi, News24 Bureau, Nov 17: The legends of Bahubaali continue even after two illustrious chapters of the highly successful films have concluded equally successfully. So when on-screen Shivagami and Kattappa are romancing once again then it certainly makes a news.In the Baahubali series, Sivagami is a Queen and Kattappa is her loyal servant who is ready to lay down his life for the kingdom and the queen as he is guided by just one motto: He has to save the kingdom Mahishmati, come whatever may.Now the duo will be seen romancing and singing in a 'Party'. Yes, the romantic pair of Ramya Krishna and Satya Raj will romance, run around trees and sing duets in a film named Party.This they will be doing in their upcoming Tamil film "Party".Director Venkat Prabhu is coming up with a multi-starer movie "Party". The film has Jai, Syam, Satya Raj, Nassar, Ramya Krishna, Regina, Sanchita Shetty and Nivedha Pethuraj in the leads.This is a mad comic-caper film in which Satya Raj and Ramya Krishna's romance is the real highlight. As the film is heading for a release soon, the makers are banking on this pair's presence and plan to sell it big.

Venkat Prabhu's film Biryani also was a head-turner. Due to some reason or the other, the film Party has been delayed now for more than a year. Interesting thing is that a web series is being planned on the Baahubali series and in that if some reports are an indication, the tow legendary characters of Kattappa and Sivagami will be seen romancing each other.this will be a pure love story happening between Kattappa and Sivagami in "Baahubali" web series.Shivagami and Kattappa are the main two characters of the successful franchise of Baahubali. Kattappa is Shivagami's most loyal aide and can do anything to protect her and the kingdom. It would be interesting to know that actually, it was his pure love for Shivgami which made him so dedicated and loyal towards her.