Baghdadi is about to be killed...Iraqi forces close in

Baghdad: The Iraqi military on Monday said it has retaken a bridge across River Tigris in Mosul city, after driving back Islamic State militants in the city's southwest.

The security forces also took control of two neighbourhoods in the western half of the northern city of Mosul, still under the control of the IS, a senior security official told EFE news agency.

Commander of the Rapid Response Forces Maj. Gen. Thamer al-Husseini said that the neighbourhoods of al-Tayaran and al-Juseq are located nearby the city's airport, which has been completely liberated.

Al-Husseini added that these advances, achieved after three days of intense fighting, have led security forces to reach the southern-most bridge across the Tigris River.

Mosul's five bridges have been badly damaged in fighting since October.

Security forces were combing both neighbourhoods in search of IS extremists hiding in tunnels, snipers, and suicide bombers, according to al-Husseini.

On February 19, Iraqi forces, including the Popular Mobilization militias, launched an offensive to retake the western part of Mosul from IS militants.