‘Badmash’Sharif: Pak PM blames India for avoiding peace talks

United Nations: Cornered and isolated after the Uri attack, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif  on Wednesday tried to fool the world by saying that Pakistan wants peace with India, but India is not willing to talk. Speaking at the UN General Assembly Sharif said that India has put “unacceptable preconditions” for talks.
Sharif said, “Today, from this rostrum, I would also like to reiterate our offer to India to enter into a serious and sustained dialogue for the peaceful resolution of all outstanding disputes, especially Jammu and Kashmir”. 
Sharif said that confrontation should not be “our destiny in South Asia” and Pakistan wants peace with India. “I have gone the extra mile to achieve this, repeatedly offering a dialogue to address all outstanding issues. But India has posed unacceptable preconditions to engage in a dialogue. Let us be clear: talks are no favour to Pakistan. Talks are in the interest of both countries. They are essential to resolve our differences, especially the Jammu and Kashmir dispute, and to avert the danger of any escalation”, Sharif added.
Scoring a self-goal, Sharif exposed himself indicating that it was Pakistan who has imposed precondition for talks. “Peace and normalisation between Pakistan and India cannot be achieved without a resolution of the Kashmir dispute. This is an objective evaluation, not a partisan position,” the Pakistan premier said.
Sharif tried to blackmail the international community to mediate between India and Pakistan. “The international community ignores the danger of rising tensions in South Asia, at its own peril. For its part, Pakistan is committed to the establishment of strategic stability in the region. It neither wants, nor is it engaged in an arms race with India. But we cannot ignore our neighbour’s unprecedented arms build up and will take whatever measures are necessary to maintain credible deterrence,” Sharif said.
Trying to get the US on his side, Pakistan PM said, “We are ready for talks to agree on a bilateral nuclear test ban treaty”.