Baahubali Prabhas scares Alia!

New Delhi, Nov 29: The makers of Saaho has made a new revelation regarding finalising the female lead of the film. And, it will leave you certainly surprised. 

Even before Bollywood actress Shraddha Kapoor was finalised as the lead  in Prabhas's Saaho, the makers had almost confirmed that his fellow Baahubali actress Anushka Shetty would play the role. But, due to the contentious issues regarding her weight, the idea was soon nipped in the bud. Now according to a report in BollywoodLife, after this, Alia Bhatt was approached to play Prabhas's heroine in Saaho.

According to reports, the Saaho team was very much eager to cast Alia. In fact, even her mentor Karan Johar convinced Alia to take up the role. However, considering the heroine has barely any scenes in the film in comparison to Prabhas, Alia refused the movie.

According to a source, "Alia is currently busy setting a league of her own by taking up some really good performance-oriented roles. So at a stage when she's setting such a bright example as far as her film choices are concerned, she doesn't want to break the chain by doing a film where she is more like a supporting cast. Even her family approved of her decision and have no regrets whatsoever. So does it mean, Shraddha got lucky all thanks to Alia? I mean, had Alia not rejected the film, the makers wouldn't have even approached Shraddha, right? Nevertheless, it's quite a win-win situation for Shraddha, though!"

Interestingly, sometime back when Alia was asked, who her favourite South Indian actor was. She immediately replied, "Prabhas." We only can hope for now that our super hot Alia and popular Prabhas soon appear together in a film in near future.