Azad's Gandhi topi sends a strong message to BJP, Modi Govt

New Delhi, Feb 5: Leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad attended the Rajya Sabha proceedings on Monday in a new avtaar. Donning a Gandhian cap, it seemed that Azad wanted to convey a strong message to the BJP that Congress ideology is here to stay. Top brass of the BJP, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, have vowed a Congress -mukt Bharat, which according to the BJP means India without Congress culture. Congress has often accused BJP of spreading politics of hate, and it seems that with Gandhi topi Azad was trying to send a message of non-violence and communal politics to BJP.  

In his new avtaar Azad launched a scathing attack on the Modi government while speaking in the debate on motion of thanks on President Kovind's speech at the start of the Budget Session of Parliament. 

Digging holes in BJP's claim of ending dynastic politics, the senior Congress leader said that no Gandhi family member has been Prime Minister or even a minister in last 29 years, so BJP's claims are note real. Azad claimed that appeasement continues unabated with people of chocice of only 'one party' (read BJP) are getting employment and opportunities.

Attacking Modi government, Azad said that it has nothing new to offer. "All the schemes launched under the UPA government after 1985 have been changed. This is why the BJP government is a "name changer" and not a "game changer"," he added. He said the Jan Awshadi Scheme of UPA is now Prime Minister's Jan Awshadi Scheme, National Child Programme (started by the UPA government in 2008) has been renamed as the Beti Bachaao Programme. 

He also attacked the government over rising inflation. "There used to be Bharat bandhs when the prices rose while our government was in power. Today, the price of the cylinder, which used to be Rs 350 during our rule, is over Rs 800. The price of grains, pulses and vegetables has risen by 300 times under the BJP," Azad said.  "Petrol and diesel have now become much more expensive than what they used to be during the UPA government's rule," he added.

Azad also took a jibe at BJP President Amit Shah's maiden speech in Rajya Sabha. "I was surprised to see that Amit Shah did not talk about Sardar Patel in his speech," quipped the Congress leader.