Ayushmann Khurana wishes to highlight the issue of child marriage

Ayushmann Khurana has impressed one and all with his acting and singing capabilities. But looks like the actor isn't just stopping at that! He has taken a plunge into production too. The actor turned producer for wifey Tahira Kashyap’s debut short film and we have to say what a fantastic decision he has taken.

The duo is coming out with an inspirational tale, Toffee. They wish to highlight the rampant issue of child marriage in India.



Toffee revolves around the life of two young girls. It showcases the innocence of the children, while capturing their daily activities. It also showcases their dreams and aspirations and how they are crushed by the society and the tradition of child marriage.

Director Tahira revealed to us that Toffee has been inspired from real life incidents in her life, while producer Ayushmann mentions how they chose to make the short film because the issue of child marriage is so rampant in the rural and urban cities of India. 

He says, "People live in a bubble, but I have to say that casteism still exists in India, child marriage is still rampant in India, so Toffee is the need of the hour.” 

Making socially aware films are a great way for actors to be connected with their audience, because the movie industry is very influential.