Attention vegetarians .... you will love this new product

New Delhi, May 19: Widely considered to be one of the best sources of protein, egg whites have long been an essential part of the diet of athletes and bodybuilders.

In India, where bodybuilding is extremely popular, many enthusiasts - both amateurs and professionals - keep away from his highly efficient protein source due to their vegetarian diet preferences.

However, they need not worry now as the popular egg whites will now be available in a vegetarian option.

This new item on the food market has been developed by Just Inc., a $1 billion enterprise.

The American food manufacturing company came up with a liquid egg substitute late last year, which was primarily derived from protein sourced from mung beans.

The San Francisco entity has claimed that it has sold 6.3 million units of the plant-based substitute of chicken eggs in the USA, but wants to expand further.

According to Just Inc CEO Josh Tetrick, the company has struck up partnerships with major chicken egg suppliers who will manufacture and distribute its new plant based substitute. These companies, he said, will build factory lines separate from where they process real eggs.

Just Inc. intends to expand into Europe later this year before eventually venturing into the vast and lucrative Asian market.

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