Asteroid may hit Empire State Building

New Delhi: The asteroid, known as 2015 BN509 is on NASA list of potentially hazardous asteroids that could one day threaten the planet after the date of its discovery

It flew past Earth in January at nearly 44,000mph.

Luckily this time it was 3.3 million miles away, but there are chances of direct strike in coming years and uncertainty over there orbits.

The 2015 BN509 asteroid is at least 200 metres wide and 400 metres long.

At that size, a direct hit could destroy a whole country or region.

It was filmed hurtling through empty space by the Arecibo Observatory, which is a giant radio telescope , as it came past last month.

NASA is currently trying to chart all asteroids that cause a risk to Earth, but still has no idea where around 80 percent of those of a similar size to 2015 BN509 .

It is also trying to find ways out to deflect an asteroid, should one be heading for us.

Currently there is no tested way opt dealing with one, but ideas include using the gravity of a spacecraft to knock it off course.

However, NASA does have an asteroid early warning system called Scout.

It can work out the flight path of an incoming asteroid within 10 minutes of first identifying it.