Arrest warrants issued against 98 officials of Turkish Army hospital

Ankara: The Turkish prosecutor on Tuesday ordered the arrest of 98 employees of the Gulhane military hospital in Ankara while the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) dismissed 94 soccer officials, all accused of being followers of Fethullah Gulen, the Islamist preacher whom the Turkish government accuses of orchestrating the failed coup on July 15. Shortly after the coup, the government said that the Gulen's group had infiltrated numerous academies and military centres, including Gulhane, an institution founded in 1898 during the Ottoman Empire, EFE news reported. This hospital has an excellent reputation in Turkey as a centre for medical research and attention to the health needs of the army. Ten days ago, three doctors with the rank of general were detained on suspicion of being part of the network. The football federation said in a brief statement released on its website that the TFF decided to cut relations with 94 officials, including local and international referees, assistant referees and observers, in addition to members of the local councils of referees. The statement did not mention any reasons for the dismissal, but it is known that the Turkish federation has been busy for a week with a process of internal purge to remove any members who could maintain links with Gulen's network.