'Arrest Satyendar Jain', Kejriwal taunts after officer's complaint

New Delhi:Delhi Chief MinisterArrest Satyendar Jainl on Wednesday sarcastically asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to get his Transport Minister Satyendar Jain arrested after a senior officer complained against the minister. Referring to a published report, Kejriwal tweeted: "Read this whole story and see what really is Satyendar's fault. I urge Modiji to get Satyendar arrested now." A Special Commissioner of Delhi Transport Department, I.S Mishra, on Tuesday sent a complaint to Lt Governor Najeeb Jung alleging misbehaviour by Jain. Mishra alleged that he was targeted for demanding that the department should revert to the earlier six days work week instead of seven days. "Staff working at Zonal office have sent many complaints that they are working overtime and not getting a single day leave," Mishra said in his complaint. He added that Jain yelled at him alleging that he doesn't work because he demanded to reschedule a meeting called at a very short notice. "I simply told him that I do my work with commitment and not a single file is pending with me. Then he shouted at me... further he told me that he will teach me how to deal with such persons," Mishra said. "I cannot work in an environment where matters are dealt not according to rules but on whims and fancy. The whole episode has made me depressed."