Armed man 'attacks' Priyanka.. In PICS

New Delhi, Feb 15: Currently, actress Priyanka Chopra is busy filming the third series of ABC's FBI crime drama Quantico. The Desi Girl didn't turn a hair as she took down a man brandishing a gun on the outdoor set next to a river in New York here on Wednesday.

The 35-year-old actress is playing the role of FBI agent Alex Parrish in the show that follows young FBI recruits training at the Quantico base in Virginia.

And, in this case, Priyanka managed to keep America safe from terrorists in high heeled bootees and a beautiful white coat. The hot actress also managed not to get a single smut of dirt on while the fight was going on.

The actress was seen waiting by a food truck for a cup of coffee on the chilly day in NYC when the temperature didn't rise above 50F.

Priyannka is seen wearing a white sweater with a lace-up detail plus black gloves.

Her wavy brunette tresses cascaded over her shoulders as she peered through sunglasses on the bright day.

Priyanka was joined on set by Russell Tovey, who plays Harry Doyle, in ear muffs and Alan Powell as Mike McQuigg. who wore a hooded coat.