Argentina retain lead in football rankings, India remain at 162nd spot

Zurich: Argentina remains on top of the football rankings issued on Thursday, which saw very few changes and did not affect the top 50, with Spain still in the sixth place. Argentina heads the list with 164 points ahead of Belgium, which in turn has only 11 more than Chile. Colombia remains fourth ahead of Germany and Spain, the last two world champions, followed by Brazil, Portugal, Uruguay and England. India remained at the 162nd spot. The rankings and point scores for May are as follows: 1. Argentina 1,532 points 2. Belgium 1,364 3. Chile 1,353 4. Colombia 1,337 5. Germany 1,309 6. Spain 1,277 7. Brazil 1,261 8. Portugal 1,184 9. Uruguay 1,158 10. England 1,069. IANS