Are you a spicy food fan? Today's Google doodle is for you

New Delhi: Today’s Google Doodle is a delight for spicy fan lovers; it is an animated representation of the Scoville heat scale that measures the hotness of chilli pepper and hot sauce.

The man behind the Scoville heat scale was an American pharmacist Wilbur Scoville, today is his 151st anniversary.

Before Wilbur Scoville, no one knew how to measure a pepper's “heat”.

With the animated Doodle, the search giant Google paid tribute to him.

Scoville was born on January 22, 1865, he developed the Scoville heat test in 1912while working at a pharmaceutical company in the US.

According to Scoville scale, capsaicin –is the active component that gives chillies their hotness.

Capsaicin runs from the bell pepper, with a rating of zero Scoville heat units (or SHU), to the 16 million that represents pure capsaicin.

The hottest chillies, such as the Carolina Reaper and Trinidad Moruga, can reach around 2 million SHU, and many of these have only been discovered in recent years.

The doodle shows Scoville holding pepper with the backdrop of different kinds of peppers. The word Google has been spelled making use of the tongue-burning chilli pepper.