Are you a grabber in life? You better Be! (Revised)

You can’t always predict when an opportunity for success may come your way. Even if the opportunity presents itself, there isn’t a way you can grab it unless you recognize it as an opportunity for growth for you.  Growth as in – a ton of happiness and opportunities for you. It’s gotta be your rainbow after those morose rains. What do you need to do to recognize and grab an opportunity when it arises? I’ll tell ya!  Open your eyes, in two ways:


Firstly, you need to be able to make quick decisions. If you are too slow, you will most definitely let it pass you by. It is also essential when you are making decisions – you need to be able to discard what you already have and be flexible to make immediate changes to adapt to a new situation. When you see an opportunity coming your way, you must be ready and have your mind made uo in order to grasp the chance. Grasp it, with a positive state of mind!


Secondly, having a positive attitude has several advantages. It, for sure, helps you succeed when you’re taking a risk. For example a person starting a new venture, how far do you think they’ll get if they’re bogged down during setbacks or they only foresee failure? Having a positive attitude about your chances of success can give you more confidence.


To conclude, be curious. Curiosity awakens your mind and keeps it active. Curious people ask a lot of questions and create their own  answers. Eventually, you’ll ask a question none  have asked before. Answer that question and you’ll come up with a new idea. Keep at it, stick to your guns, fellas and gals, have enough conviction so that there isn’t a person in the world to doubt you. Cuz all you optimists, pessimists and realists – while you were arguing about the glass being half full or half empty, I drank it!