April Fool's Day: Best top 5 office pranks!

New Delhi: Life is full of issues to solve, but there is only one day in the year where one can enjoy or be a part of any prank. Yes, the funniest day of the year is about to arrive in few hours- April Fool's Day!

The origins of this day are uncertain. But many believe that the day originated in 1582, when Pope Gregory XIII replaced the old Julian Calendar with his new Gregorian calendar. This called for New Year's Day to commence on January 1 rather than the end of March.

However, many kept on celebrating New Year's Day on April.

Likewise, many places have their own story. But as of now April 1 is considered as the most amusing day of the year.

Here are five pranks that one can play in their office:

One of the best prank to fool your colleagues is to stick a air horn under their seat.

Make your friend taste toothpaste. Take some toothpaste and hide it between biscuits.

Replace soap in a liquid soap bottle with any lotion. 

Give your friend a bright surprise and flood his car with sticky notes.

You can shock someone by placing fake rats on their desks and seats.

Go ahead and celebrate the fool's day with these pranks and have fun!

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