Anushka finally responds to her Sui-Dhaga's memes

New Delhi, Aug 31: Anushka Sharma is in news these days and making everyone's day with her hilarious memes. Ever since the trailer of her yet to be released film Sui Dhaaga released on August 13, every day a new meme can be seen featuring Anushka. 

And, if you are wondering if Anushka has seen the memes or not. Yes she has seen all the memes featuring her almost everywhere and she is extremely cool with all this publicity that she has received even before the release of the film. 

Now Anushka has finally broken her silence and made a statement on her memes. The actress told Mid-Day, "It is a compliment that my character has been stuck in people's head after they watched the trailer. Mamta has become a figure that everyone identifies with. Memes have become a common feature today. People actually dedicate time to make them. But in our case, it happened naturally and that too, on a huge scale."

In the trailer, Anushka is seen playing the role of a down to earth village woman named Mamta.  Users on social media have become their creative best when it comes to Sui Dhaaga memes. 

And, imagine who is enjoying these memes the most. It is none other than Anushka Sharma's co-star Varun Dhawan who will seen playing the role of Mamta's husband in the film. 

Recently, Varun spotted yet another meme featuring Anushka Sharma and he instantly shared it on Twitter and captioned: "Memes ki rani, Mamta... hahahaha!"

And, imagine who had the last laugh. It is none other than but Anushka Sharma.

This all began when in a particular scene in the trailer, an emotionally overwhelmed Mamta waves to Mauji on his return from what appears to be a tiresome journey, and her expression caught the Internet's attention. See how the Sui Dhaaga memes are a rage on social media: 

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