Another trouble for Sunny and Daniel!

New Delhi: Bollywood actress and Television host Sunny Leone recently made headlines with the adoption news. 

The news of Sunny and her husband Daniel adopting a baby girl went viral on social media where few went praising for her while the other criticised. 

According to the media reports, the baby girl belongs to Latur, Maharashtra and was named as Nisha Kaur Weber by the star couple. Expressing her happiness of beginning a new family, Sunny took it to her social media handle to share a family picture after she brought Nisha home. 

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights has taken notice and Sunny has been sent a legal notice by the court by exploiting the law. Reports suggest that the adoption process is still ongoing and Sunny, however, revealed photos of the child. The notice states that it can lead to 6 years of imprisonment for revealing the identity of the baby before the procedure.

After this trouble, Sunny deleted the picture but however, another problem occurred.

The Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) landed in trouble after it shared the picture of 21-months old Sunny's girl on Twitter with inappropriate words. 

As per reports, CARA is accused of violating the Juvenile Justice Act by using wrong words in their tweet. 

The tweet read: “Without looking at color, background and health status, Sunny Leone happily took the child in adoption. We respect that they didn’t try to bend the rules and stood in the queue like all the other parents.”  

News24 Bureau with inputs from Agencies