Anna Hazare praises Kapil Sharma

Mumbai:  Veteran Gandhian and social crusader Kisan Baburao Hazare, alias Anna Hazare, has praised comedian and actor Kapil Sharma. Hazare became a part of the popular comedy show "The Kapil Sharma Show" to promote his upcoming biopic "Anna: Kisan Baburao Hazare".  "Anna was at his best. Not only was he sharing interesting stories that inspired him to become a social activist but he was also responding to Kapil's jokes in his own, funny way. He also expressed that he likes to spread joy, which is also the concept of this show," said a source from the set. The source added that "amidst all the fun and joy, Anna praised Kapil and said that he and Kapil are working for the same purpose -- that is to make people happy". The episode will go on air on Saturday on Sony Entertainment Television