Anmol Malik's 'Let Me Come Home' in VH1 International Music Charts

New Delhi, Feb 6 (IANS) Composer Anmol Malik's recently released second English single "Let Me Come Home" has entered the VH1 charts of Top 10 international music releases.The track, written and composed by her, has in the first week of its release garnered over 80,000 views on YouTube.Ranked seventh in the coveted music list by VH1 India, Anmol makes India proud as a home-grown artist who stands tall amongst international music icons such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and Beyonce to name a few.On receiving the overwhelming response and support from fans, the daughter of composer-singer Anu Malik said "I am elated with all the love that I have received not only from my country but internationally as well. ‘Let Me Come Home' is close to my heart and a shadow of my own."It outlines the relatable feeling of being lonely and how it does not always have to be sad. 'Thus Let Me Come Home' showcases the silver lining that there is comfort in darkness as well. More than the music, it is lyrics that moved me and inspired me to compose this.""I didn't want to launch the song with any pomp. It was an honest creation, and the song reflects it. I am positive that the track will touch many more hearts." She added.VH1 India top 10 music chart is released every weekend on Saturday and includes hit international singles that are currently being heard across the country. Anmol Malik's song burst into the scene out of nowhere, entering the list at number 9. But after quickly beginning to trend in Mizoram, Guwahati and the North East, the song climbed onto the seventh position."Let Me Come Home" was released exclusively on VH1 on January 27, 2017.