Amy Schumer's sex story

Los Angeles: Actress Amy Schumer has sex with her live-in partner Ben Hanisch "every day". Schumer discussed her sex life on the “The Howard Stern Show” in Manhattan on Tuesday. The 35-year-old Emmy winner shared that they don't use protection and enjoys the smell of him, reports  Schumer confirmed her romance with the 29-year-old furniture designer in January this year.  “When it comes to sex, I lay there like I'm going to get a CAT scan so I'm not pleasing anyone. You know when you start dating someone, you're like, 'I love giving head?' I don't know what it is. I was just too busy. Too tired. No lies. Too busy. We love having sex with each other, but there's no performing. He's so sweet,” Schumer said.  She added: “I hope his parents don't listen to this, oh my God! His parents (in Illinois) are the sweetest people. His mom always seems like she was just called down as a contestant on the 'Price Is Right'."