Americans HATE Trump, want him to go

Washington, Oct 26 US President Donald Trump's approval rating has dipped to a new low in the latest Fox News poll.

According to the poll released on Wednesday, 38 percent of voters approve of the job Trump was doing, down from 42 percent last month. 

At the same time, disapproval is up 4 points to a high of 57 percent which includes 49 percent who "strongly" disapprove. 

The findings highlight a continued erosion of national support for the President, who received low mark across several major policy areas.

Some of the drop comes from white men without a college degree as 56 percent approve of the President, down from 68 percent last month. Working class white men were a key factor in his electoral victory.

Approval for Trump remained high, however, among Republican voters, who overwhelmingly favoured his performance at 83 percent, the Fox News poll showed. 

His support among independents dropped to 30 percent while nine in 10 Democrats registered their discontent with the President's performance.

Trump also drew poorest marks yet for his handling of the economy, with 44 percent approving, and on key foreign policy matters, including his direction on Iran and North Korea. 

The economy, which had been Trump's relative strong suit in prior polls, saw a 5 percent drop in approval from September.

While voters were largely split on his handling of the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, 64 per cent felt the Trump administration's handling of the hurricanes that have ravaged Puerto Rico was "only fair" or "poor".

The Fox News poll surveyed 1,005 registered voters.